B i o g r a p h y

Train Wrecka was born and raised in the JVL area of North St. Louis, MO with his older brother, younger sister and parents. Growing up in the JVL he was exposed to gang-related activities and drugs. Wanting to help support his family, Train began selling drugs and running with gangs in the neighborhood, but he saw the effect of product and destruction and didn’t want to live that lifestyle any longer. He attended Central Visual Performing Arts and Vashon High School in St. Louis. In high school he was quite the athlete. He played basketball, baseball, football in high school and boxed at a local community center from age five to age 16.


Upon his graduation from high school, at age 18, Train entered the United States Air Force to better himself mentally and physically. He earned the nickname “Phantom” from his mysterious ways, multiple personalities and ability to bounce back from any obstacle, but due to a very dangerous knee injury that happened during a military drills, Train was released from the military in 2001.


In the later months of 2000, Train began to listen to more and more music including jazz, dance, country, western, hip-hop, and r & b. He was influenced to write his first song, entitled “Dear Sue”, in remembrance of his aunt, who passed away in 1999 from breast cancer. After the response he got from his peers on that song, he began writing lyrics and songs every day, sometimes for 9 or 10 hours straight. Train was determined to express his feeling and thoughts through his lyrics and his aggression, which he did and still does today.


Train is a very emotional and versatile artist, spitting lyrics about his life, family, friends, dreams, and emotions. Some of his notable performances include him opening up for Tech N9ne and other Strange Music artists, Nelly, Dirty Boys, T.I., Lil Wayne, Hot Boys, C- Murder, Mystikal, Ludacris, Chris Brown, Tyga, Chingy, Eminem, and many more established artists. “Train Wrecka” is an alter ego to the stage name “Phantom”. This alter ego describes his style, state of emotion, and the amount of adrenaline he brings in the studio and on stage. Train's mixtape “Nuttin’ Left to Lose” Vol. 1, which was hosted by Blood Raw of Blood Raw Entertainment and DJ Jamil, was released on February 25, 2012.


Train's debut album entitled “Dark Dayz Bright Nightz” released on April 27, 2013. This album features Stevie Stone of Strange Music, Rain G, and Lil Tone. Train is also working on his sophomore album "RailYard" which will be releasing soon.


The music industry needs to get ready or get off the tracks, because…...............................................


A “TRAIN” IS COMING THRU!! #Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr